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Al-Majles Diyafa Restaurant Qatar offers 2020

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Al-Majles Diyafa Restaurant Qatar offers 2020
Kebab is a food made from minced meat or minced chicken with fat using grilling skewers and grilled on charcoal. It is called "grills" in many countries and the kebab is originally an Aramaic word and the origin of the kebab is due to the famous Aleppo cuisine, where the Aleppo was the first to attend the kebab and record the history of the people of the city of Aleppo to him his special flavor in Iran, for example, saffron is added to the meat before it grows and in Turkey varieties varieties and methods of seasoning From one city to another there are the Orpheli kebabs in Urfa, the Antiochian kebab in Antioch and the royal kebab in Istanbul.
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This offer starts on 26-05-2020 and ends on 01-06-2020.

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